15 Best Remote Customer Service Jobs In 2023 Highest Paying

One of the reasons AAA has some of the best remote customer service jobs is because many of them come with benefits. This includes competitive pay, employed development, paid time off, and retirement programs. Along the same lines as the tip above, consider your schedule and availability. Remote customer service jobs are often available in a variety of shifts, such as overnight shifts, late night or early morning hours, weekends, or the traditional 9-to-5 schedule.

Bancorp, U.S. Bank offers a wide array of services, including savings and checking accounts, insurance, mortgage and refinance, investing and wealth management, and loans. Although preexisting groups can offer you an immediate sense of community, you can also build your own. If you notice other home-based customer service employees on social media, reach out to make a personal connection. Ask if they would be interested in participating in a monthly online hangout. Finding the best customer support role for you requires persistence and patience.

Careers in Customer Support.

Reps get to choose the type of company they want to work with and whether to represent just one company or several. SimplyHired offers you over 39,700 remote customer service jobs that are hiring now. It’s important to consider the standard job search websites, such as Indeed and LinkedIn. These are great starting points that list thousands of remote customer service roles. Remote work has become so common that you can now select remote or on-site work from a drop-down menu in your search. Learn how to get a remote customer service job, the required skills, experience, and qualifications, as well as how to search for one.

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They assist in hiring for companies all over the globe, so this platform is definitely worth checking out if you live outside of the U.S. Once your account is approved, you can start searching for remote customer service jobs. You’ll need to send a proposal to potential clients that highlight your skills and how you can help them succeed. What makes FlexJobs a place to look for the best remote customer service jobs is that they list company accolades, have easy search features, and they’ll send you recommended listings. Remote customer service jobs are available in a wide variety of industries. Deciding if you want to work in a particular industry can help narrow your choices.

How to Land a Remote Customer Service Job

Your job may entail fielding complaints, providing details about the services or products your organization offers, and being able to work independently and with minimal supervision. You can apply for positions through ZipRecruiter or go to each company’s website to apply. You can find out more about each position at careers.unitedhealthgroup.com. Pay is around $16-$17/hour according to Glassdoor and Indeed.

  • Take the call in a quiet area, preferably with a blank wall behind you if you’re talking over video.
  • Finding the best customer support role for you requires persistence and patience.
  • You may be able to utilize a space in your kitchen, attic, a large closet, or a nook area if you’re the only one home.
  • If you love using your tech skills to solve problems, join the team supporting our business and government customers.
  • If you’re considering a customer service job that pays by the minute, be sure to read the contract and see if it has these safeguards.
  • You don’t have to drive to an office park or commute 90 minutes on a train every day.

Here’s what you should know about customer service jobs, skills, salary, and more. That said, potential customer service representatives need to be careful. That’s because there are two ways to hire customer service reps — as employees or as freelancers. However, they often have to deal with unattractive contract terms that could cause them https://remotemode.net/blog/what-is-remote-customer-service-exactly/ to get paid for only a portion of the time they work. And besides a quiet space, a fast internet connection and a decent computer, there are few requirements for these jobs. And while some expect customer service experience, other customer-facing positions — such as a previous job in retail sales or telemarketing — are usually good enough.

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You may be able to utilize a space in your kitchen, attic, a large closet, or a nook area if you’re the only one home. In the past, you may have interacted with these professionals when you had a technical glitch with your computer or needed help rebooking a flight. They are jobs aimed at helping other people resolve a problem. They play a vital role in a business’s customer retention strategy.

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