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So many people venture into this field not knowing what DevOps really is. In the summer of 2018, I graduated with a 2nd in Accounting of Finance, much to my disappointment. Then I landed a job in the finance team of a retail company called Selfridges. So, before you start your search, it’s important to understand what you are looking for and how to stand out in a competitive hiring landscape. If you want a job in DevOps, you’ll need to be prepared to show what you have to offer and sell yourself to prospective employers.

It may be useful for the organization to show the clients that they have certified cloud engineers. Cloud computing and virtualization are the basic building blocks of today’s DevOps practices. You should how to become a devops engineer spend some time and have a basic understanding of the following. The basic building block of any organization is its Infrastructure. I would suggest reading the state of the DevOps report by puppet.

How long does it take to become a DevOps Engineer (and complete this Career Path)?

Of course it was very daunting and difficult to talk to people as an introvert, but my single digit salary in finance beckoned me to come out of my comfort zone and embrace my fears. I believe there is no right or wrong way to approach gaining new skills, perspectives, insight, or education. We all got to where we are at today through a variety of different paths and stories. All of this was a series of stepping stones to where I am at today.

Effective communication and collaboration are essential DevOps skills. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Atlassian’s Confluence, and Jira are commonly used for team coordination. There are tons of online courses, certifications, and degree programs to help you get on the right track to becoming a DevOps engineer. Therefore, what you want to do is use the tools as learning proxies for the higher level concepts. DevOps attempts to fuse development and operations (DevOps, get it?) into one group. The idea is that one group will now share both the pain and the responsibility (and presumably, the rewards) of creating, deploying, and generating revenue from customer-facing software.

Learn to Use Generative AI Tools

Your Career Path instructors aren’t just experts with years of real-world professional experience. Our courses and community have helped 1,000s of Zero To Mastery students go from zero to getting hired to levelling up their skills and advancing their careers to new heights. Please know that while all the DevOps-y things can certainly be done with Windows, it is far more painful and the job opportunities are far fewer. For now, you can safely assume that one cannot become a true DevOps professional without knowing Linux.

how to become a devops engineer without experience

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